How Virtual Mentoring Works

How Virtual Mentoring Works

Vital Voices Europe connects women enrepreneurs and small business owners to provide strategic guidance, practical advice and support during these uncertain times.

We personally and carefully match mentors and mentees to ensure the best support is provided to those who need it.

How the Virtual Mentoring Program works

The program aims to assist in the following sectors: legal, financial, marketing, PR & communications, digital & e-commerce.
We assess each individual registration, and will provide a match as quickly as possible.
If you are a woman running your own business or venture and you’re looking for advice, register to be a mentee.
Once you have a match, you will receive an email introducing you both
If you are an experienced leader in business or entrepreneur, register to offer your time and knowledge or skills.
The rest is up to you - plan to meet with your mentor/mentee at the frequency that suits you both.

Tips for Remote Mentoring

Select a reliable video conference platform - Zoom, Google Meet and Skype all offer good quality free options. Alternatively you may already have technology you prefer to use.
Schedule your mentoring sessions in advance and put them in the calendar - treat them like any other business meeting you’d attend.
If you’re a mentee come prepared with your questions or concerns. You could also share them with your mentor in advance so they can think about them, if they’re able to.

Sagra Maceira de Rosen, Co-chair of Vital Voices Europe

“Mentoring the next generation of women leaders is at the core of Vital Voices ‘s mission. This is even more important now, in the midst of the Covid-10 pandemic, which impacts women disproportionately. We are delighted and grateful, once again, to partner with CaixaBank to launch this virtual mentoring initiative, as we pivot our Global Mentoring Walks events in Europe into the digital realm.”

Anna Quiros Corporate Director of labor Relations Culture and Development of CaixaBank

“At CaixaBank we are commited to diversity and therefore we support initiatives that contribute to equal access to opportunities, meritocracy and supporting talent irrespective of gender. Having diverse management teams drives innovation, competitiveness and sustainability. One of the most powerful actions to bring women into the top managerial teams is Mentoring. The benefits of mentoring are extraordinary: from productive relationships to establishing networks that facilitate the personal and proffesional development. We as women must have role models that help us pursue positions and career paths: having the support of someone else with more experience can be of great help. With this Virtual Mentoring program, launched in partnership with Vital Voices Europe, establishing this relationship is easier as it can be done with much more flexibility, fitting it into our lives.”