About Vital Voices Europe

About Vital Voices Europe

Vital Voices Global Partnership

Vital Voices is the leading global NGO supporting and investing in women leaders addressing social causes at scale. It was founded in 1997 by former US Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton and former US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright as a global network to support and connect women leaders who improve the world.
Vital Voices primarily work with women leaders who are creating change in the following topic areas:

  • Promoting Human Rights and Ending Gender-Based Violence
  • Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship
  • Public Leadership Development

Guided by the belief that women are essential to progress in their communities, Vital Voices identifies women with a daring vision for change and then partners with them to make that vision a reality.

Through long-term investments that expand skills, connections and visibility, Vital Voices accelerates their impact. Vital Voices invests in leaders because they take the responsibility to improve societies.

They strengthen laws, create jobs and defend political freedoms.
Vital Voices’ investment in one leader impacts hundreds and thousands more. Vital Voices partners with women who demonstrate leadership that unites and inspires people. They exhibit visionary thinking and take risks to innovate. Each leader in VV’s global network believes in mentoring the rising generation and shares her knowledge, experience and influence with others.

Vital Voices partners with activists, innovators and entrepreneurs. They come from cities and villages, and from every educational, religious and socio-economic background imaginable. They create the world they imagine and drive transformation in their communities and beyond.

Our programs have helped catalyze change through individualised investments, various signature programs, network activation, global advocacy and thought leadership.

Vital Voices Europe is the European arm of Vital Voices, with the same mission as our global organization: Empower and invest in women leaders that are making a positive change in the life of women and girls in their communities.

Global Mentoring Walks

The Global Mentoring Walks are a pioneering and popular global activation of Vital Voices. This was the idea of one very successful, very busy woman. The founder and former CEO of Oxygen Media, and Board Director of Vital Voices, Geraldine Laybourne, launched mentoring walks to empower young professional women in the United States. Due to her overbooked schedule, Gerry did not always have time to meet with the young women who wanted her advice. Instead, she invited them to join her on her morning walks. Soon, she was scheduling young women each day to walk with her. Seeing the power and success of this simple formula, she organized walks in key U.S. cities to highlight the importance of mentoring and to provide access to some of the United States’ smartest, most successful women.

Today, women leaders across the world model Gerry’s creative approach to mentorship through Vital Voices’ signature event – the Global Mentoring Walks.

Starting in 2008, Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walks (GMW) have taken place every year in over 80 countries in celebration of International Women’s Day. Thousands of women across the globe gather in their own communities to participate in the Walk. In 2019 alone, the women leaders in our Vital Voices network hosted 174 Mentoring Walks in 64 countries; more than 15,000 women and girls participated, coming together across cultures, generations, religions, countries and identities to pay it forward through mentorship.

From metropolitan Lagos and coastal Miami Beach, to Madrid and Rio de Janeiro, Vital Voices has shaped a movement to empower the next generation of women leaders that is truly global.

Mentors provide insights, guidance and share their own stories over the course of a walk. Many of the relationships established transcend the Walk and lasting, authentic mentor-mentee partnerships are born.


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